Ready to give your thumbs some exercise?
Then jump into this action packed wheelchair game.

Roll your way through the levels as quickly as possible, do stunts and jumps, find hidden items and don’t tip over. The unique controls adds to a fun and challenging experience.


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Great concept!
This is lots of fun. Tricky at first but you soon get the hang of it. I love that the wheelchair user is a realistic looking woman, I love that the wheelchair looks like mine. I love that it may just help people to get the message that wheelchairs are not (necessarily) 'confining', but actually give freedom, and yes, it is very much possible to have fun in a wheelchair. Although I am not going to be bouncing down any stairs any time soon!

Fun Game
I have played about 12 levels so far and this game is pretty fun. I have been in a wheelchair for about 6 years now and it's good to see a game like this. For the developers... Can you add a tilt function so the person in the chair... Like a tilt forwards and backwards so we can do wheelies. Also how about a level editor so we can make some crazy levels and share them. And last... Have the option of changing the avatar.. Have a few male and female. These are just some of my thoughts…

Love it
Best game ive played in a long time just spent past three hours playing it and i dont often play games this is actually how we steer wheelchairs such a great concept putting it into a game well done devs your a breath of fresh air.

The controls are really excellent and quite true to life. I speak with 30 years of experience on the true to life angle.

Best Controls For those of you complaining about the controls, you should try sitting in a wheelchair for a minute. This game is awesome.

Epic BUT I CANT STOP PLAYING Its so tempting im on a realy hard levle at the moment, and im playing for hours. You literaly cant stop! I took off one star because it is extremely hard when uou reach levle 7

I like it I like this game. Im an amputee getting into extreme sports and while this game isn't as true to touch as real life its a cool concept. Thanks for making us feel included too! Will there be more characters?

Love it!
Im sittning in a wheelchair and this game is my FAVORIT!!